The Writer – Jani Martin

Here is where I’m supposed to write about myself and give my readers a reason to value my opinion based upon my experience and “credentials” in the Boston Terrier and/or Dog world. What you’ll often find is that people seem to value opinions that resonate with their own. So my “credentials” are only worth the value each reader decides to put on them. I have listed my experience below, written awkwardly in third person, should readers wish to know more. So… enjoy. Or not. 😉

  • Jani Martin has been involved with Boston Terriers since 2006, breeding since 2007, showing since 2009. She bred her first AKC champion in 2010 and finished his title in 2012.
  • She is a member in good standing with the Boston Terrier Club of America and the Boston Terrier Club of Western Washington.
  • She researched the Boston Terriers of disqualified colors and created and maintains the website “Colored Boston Terrier Truths” ( )
  • Having been one of the first writers involved in telling the “Piper” story from 2014 to 2016, she first gained attention for her articles as “Dog Lady Rants”.
  • Jani has been a freelance writer for multiple publications, mainly the E Boston Terriers Magazine

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