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The Disappearing Art of Mentorship and Trust

I got a call from an excited “newby” to show breeding. The first litter to be born at her house in 3 years was about to arrive. There was a lot of excitement in the air. This was not their first litter by any means, but the second show litter as breeder and the first […]

A Whelping “Box” Of A Different Kind

Let’s pull ourselves out of this mindset for a moment and ask ourselves, when did breeding become a dirty word? When did BREEDERS allow themselves to become ashamed of BREEDING? When did we allow animal rights fanatics to make us feel this way?

The Writer – Jani Martin

Here is where I’m supposed to write about myself and give my readers a reason to value my opinion based upon my experience and “credentials” in the Boston Terrier and/or Dog world. What you’ll often find is that people seem to value opinions that resonate with their own. So my “credentials” are only worth the […]

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